Use an adult dating site instead of backpage


Backpage Alternative

Why use a dating cam site instead of backpage?

Using an adult dating site that supports cam to cam AKA Cam2Cam is a much better option instead of meeting women off backpage and craigslist, why? Because most women that post of backpage are there to make money...plain and simple. They aren't really interested in meeting a genuine individual. There are so many issues with meeting women off of backpage. Such as:

  • They might be setting up to rob you.
  • Over charging you for the time you spend together.
  • You can get in trouble with the cops. This can have a permanent impact on your life.

It's best to use a dating site because you can speak to the person for a longer period of time and understand when they are all about. You have the ability to use a cam to cam feature on the site without providing further personal details such as your phone number, skype username, etc. All that information stays private and you may divulge it when the appropriate time comes around.